Ventus V2

Ventus v2 concept2.png

Balanced performance all-season tire

  • - The feeling of sports car driving
  • - Longer mileage capability
  • - Noise control technology for a quiet, comfortable ride


Ventus V2.png


Ventus v2 (1).png


Size Labelling Load Index Speed Symbol
Fuel Effeciency Wet Grip External Rolling Noise
185/55R16 X X X 83 H
195/50R15 X X X 82 H
195/55R15 X X X 85 V
205/45R16 X X X 83 V
205/45R17 X X X 88 V
205/50R15 X X X 86 H
205/50R16 X X X 87 V
205/50R17 X X X 93 V
205/55R16 X X X 94 V
215/45R17 X X X 91 V
215/50R17 X X X 91 V
215/55R16 X X X 97 V
225/40R18 X X X 92 W
225/45R17 X X X 94 V
225/50R16 X X X 92 V
225/50R17 X X X 98 V
225/55R16 X X X 99 V
235/45R17 X X X 97 V
245/45R17 X X X 95 V
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