Ventus V12 Evo2

Ventus v12 eco2.png

The best choice for sports driving

  • - Safe performance at high-speed
  • - Excellent grip in wet conditions


ventus v12 evo2.png


ventus v12 evo2 (1).png


Size Labelling Load Index Speed Symbol
Fuel Effeciency Wet Grip External Rolling Noise
195/50R15 X X X 82 V
195/55R15 X X X 85 V
205/45ZR16 X X X 87 W
205/45ZR17 X X X 88 W
205/50ZR17 X X X 93 Y
205/55ZR16 X X X 94 W
215/45ZR17 E A 70 91 Y
215/50ZR17 C A 70 95 W
225/40ZR18 C A 70 92 Y
225/45ZR17 X X X 94 Y
225/45ZR18 X X X 95 Y
225/50ZR16 X X X 96 W
225/50ZR17 C A 70 98 Y
235/40ZR18 X X X 95 Y
235/45ZR17 X X X 97 Y
235/50ZR18 X X X 101 Y
245/40ZR17 X X X 95 Y
245/40ZR18 E A 72 97 Y
245/45ZR17 X X X 99 Y
245/45ZR18 X X X 100 Y
255/35ZR18 X X X 94 Y
255/40ZR18 X X X 99 Y
255/45ZR18 X X X 103 Y
265/35ZR18 X X X 97 Y
275/35ZR18 X X X 99 Y
285/35ZR18 X X X 101 Y
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